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Here is an interesting wall concept done with our Natural Maple at the Desjardins bank of Quebec City.
2287, avenue Chauveau                       
Québec (Québec) 

Tuesday 6 May 2014

The Design group of the Tim Horton's restaurant recently added FriendlyWall to their interior decoration. See the results at their Fort York Toronto downtown restaurant !

Monday 7 April 2014

“I purchased it in the Denver colour and it was fairly simple to install for the amateur DIY person and the finished product is just stunning “Expression birch engineered panel is available in  the flooring department of  Home Depot stores throughout Canada Thanks to Kelly Murray, AMP for sharing this picture from St John's Newfoundland.










Tuesday 11 March 2014


Solid Hardwood FriendlyWall panels are ideal to impart a contemporary, warm look to a room. Forget about the painstaking and time-consuming installation of the past. Use FriendlWall panels and obtain a perfect and original result quickly and efficiently. This innovative and eco-responsible product can be installed within hours and will add value to your room. Finium has operated plants in Canada and the United States since 1999 to better serve its customers. A large number of North American Flooring manufacturers use prefinished floor moldings made by Finium.

What could be more natural and ecological than wood? For nearly 15 years, the hardwood and colour specialists at Finium have been crafting this noble material into unique, sought-after products.

From moldings and flooring accessories to vents and, for four years now, decorative panels, Finium develops and introduces new products protected by patent and industrial design, carefully created with beauty and environmental protection in mind.

Our prefinished and oiled hardwood products proudly manufactured in North America meet our clients’ highest standards and are distributed across Canada and through our two outlets in the United States.

It is with great enthusiasm that I invite you to browse our website, retailer network and world. I hope that you will find among our products items that spark your interest in hardwood.

Many thanks to our employees, clients and suppliers for their trust and cooperation.

Pierre Vézina

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Yes, FriendlyWall® was created with the environment in mind. Here are the key points of our eco- responsibility: 

  • It is made low value reclaimed wood from the hardwood industries (maple, oak and walnut) cut to pieces to fit the FriendlyWall® pattern. Finium allows optimal use of raw materials entering our plant. 
  • Wood originates mainly from regional forests. 
  • All finish not applied to our products is recovered. Since the finish is ultraviolet-cured, there are no emissions of volatile organic compounds, in compliance with the most stringent standards enforced by the Government of Quebec in environmental matters. 
  • Uses glue that has a Tri-Tex water base. This glue is made of polyvinyl acetate emulsion best suited to hold the various pieces of the wall on the support panel. 
  • Encourages the use of eco-friendly adhesive brands of glue for installation such as the adhesives offered by Titebond: Heavy Duty construction Adhesive, the Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive and Interior/Exterior Construction Adhesive. 
  • Our supplier of varnish and stain confirms that all their products used for FriendlyWall®: 
  • Have a low impact on the environment, low VOC: between 0,00 and 0,040 KglL and are formaldehyde-free 
  • Contribute to healthier air quality indoors (compatible with industrial finishes) 
  • Offer a higher level of durability (as stated under the AWI finishing system) concerning durability, abrasion resistance, household chemical resistance, stain resistance 
  • Meet the LEED and GREEN GUARD norms.